You know that Apple AirPower mat that's been talked about for what feels like years? Now Samsung looks like it will pip Apple at the post.

The leaked Samsung Wireless Charger Duo will charge Qi-enabled smartphones as well as an unidentified watch that will probably be the imminent Galaxy Watch. If you don't have the watch, you can charge two phones at the same time instead making it ideal for you and your partner, or for your work phone and personal phone. 

Apple first talked about its AirPower mat at its September 2017 event, but so far we've heard nothing with rumours suggesting that the company is struggling to get the technology to work with the different wireless devices that it offers - the Apple Watch, the iPhone, and perhaps a new set of AirPods. We are, however, expecting the mat to launch this September alongside the Apple Watch 4 and the iPhone XI. There will also be a new AirPods case (or perhaps completely new AirPods) which will also charge on the mat. 

In some ways it feels like we've come a long way since the original Powermat - it's clear Powermat feels the same way as it joined the Qi consortium in January.  

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