If you're still wondering what to expect during Samsung's Unpacked event on 9 August wonder no more. There will be nothing to see that we haven't seen already.

At least, that's our opinion after the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 picture leak. It is so comprehensive that there will surely be no surprises during the official unveiling.

German website WinFuture posted a mighty swathe of official-looking images of the new S Pen and the Galaxy Note 9 in different official cases.

Samsung will launch the phone with several official cases, much like its other handsets over the years.


There will be a Silicone Cover with a "silky and soft-touch finish"; an LED View Cover sporting "easy control with an LED display"; and a Protective Standing Cover that provides "ultimate device protection".


The new S Pen will come in a variety of colours, including the yellow and blue version seen in the original Samsung teaser for Unpacked.


When matched with the previous leaked renders of the handset itself, there really isn't much more to be revealed.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be announced on 9 August and is expected to be available from 24 August.

Pocket-lint will bring you all the news and hands-on impressions of the Note 9 during Unpacked. You can also watch the livestream of the event here.

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