Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Note 9 next month, but that isn't stopping the leaks from popping up online.

As we get closer to the official Galaxy Note 9 launch on 9 August, we've been treated to what looks like a real marketing photo or a render of the device. It comes from a reliable leaker, Evan Blass. He shared the photo, which shows the phone alongside the same yellow S-Pen we think was depicted in the launch event's invitation. It confirms there is a button on the stylus, likely for Bluetooth connection.

We can also see a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, no notch, and dual cameras. Of course, the photo could be a fake, but we highly doubt it. At this point, before a typical launch event for a phone, real photos and info tends to emerge and replace old rumours and concepts.

At least we'll find out for sure soon, as the Note 9 will be announced at Samsung Unpacked shortly. You can watch the event live online here.

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