(Pocket-lint) - When Samsung first teased the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or, at least, its S Pen, it led many to believe that a gold version of the handset was on the cards.

That's because the invite and Twitter posting thereof showed a bright yellow S Pen.

Look closer, however, and you could see that the clicker at the top was blue. That also led some to believe that the "gold" phone itself would be a combination of blue and yellow, either yellow with blue edges or vice versa.

Now it seems that the "gold" Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not gold or yellow at all - just the all-new S Pen that goes with it.

One of Twitter's prominent leakers, @UniverseIce, posted what looks to be an advertising or marketing sheet for the new phone and it shows a completely blue device. And considering the Note 9 will have a curved, almost completely encompassing display, there doesn't look to be any gold or yellow hints. At. All.

To be fair, the signs were there already. We posted a story last week with a leaked list of expected colours for the handset - not one of them mentioned yellow.

Of course, the image could be fake, but we doubt it. At least we'll find out for sure very soon, considering the phone - in all its wacky colour schemes - will be officially announced at Samsung Unpacked on 9 August. You will be able to watch that event live online here.

Writing by Rik Henderson.