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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is reportedly planning to release an Android Go budget smartphone, and a pictures of it have just leaked out.

SamMobile has posted pictures of a phone supposedly called the Galaxy J2 Core. They show off the design and seem to verify that it runs Google’s stripped-down Android Go flavour, though we also see Samsung’s own overlaid software. We already knew Android Go wouldn't be stock Android; Google just promised it'd power faster, efficient, entry-level smartphones. You can read all about Android Go from here.

It is still predominantly Android as you know it, but the new software has been optimised for smartphones with lower performing processors, smaller amounts of memory, and less available mobile data. Android Go will result in more affordable devices with Android software that has been tuned to those devices. This new software is meant for entry-level smartphones with between 512MB and 1GB of RAM.

That means Samsung's leaked Galaxy J2 Core phone will feature slimmer versions of Google apps, but with Samsung’s own looks. For example, there's Google Go and YouTube Go. Google Go still helps users find the information they want, and YouTube Go helps people find videos. They're just optimised for limited connectivity. Anyway, there’s no word on when Samsung will release its Android Go phone.

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We also don't know where it'll be available or for how much. But since pictures are leaking out, we suspect an announcement is imminent.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.