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(Pocket-lint) - We may now have our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S10, thanks to a leaked image from usually reliable Twitter tipster Ice Universe. The leaker has shared an image of a phone with virtually no bezels whatsoever - and no notch - with the caption "This may be design beyond". 

There's no reference to the Galaxy S10, but it's thought the upcoming flagship's codename is "Beyond". Couple that with a curved glass screen and similar button placements to previous Galaxy smartphones, and it's possible that we're looking at a prototype model of the S10. The phone appears as though it will have a greater screen-to-body ratio than the 93.8 per cent of the recently launched Oppo Find X.

If the image is legitimate, there is evidently no front-facing camera. Has Samsung employed a similar camera system to the pop-up design of the Oppo Find X? We shall have to wait and see. 

The Galaxy S10 is also expected to finally be the first Samsung device to feature a fingerprint sensor embedded in the display. This is a feature that has been said to be coming to several of the previous Samsung flagship devices, but to no avail. Samsung was thought to be developing its own technology for the fingerprint sensor, but may now turn to Qualcomm and its ultrasonic sensor, that will offer greater accuracy that embedded sensors found in some other phones. 

Another previous rumour has said Samsung will embed the earpiece into the display so that it can shrink the bezels down and increase the screen size. That could well be what we're seeing in the image. Samsung is said to be using sound-emitting OLED technology in a 6.2-inch panel, which will use vibration and bone conduction technology to transmit sound in the 100 - 8000Hz range that can only be heard when pressed to the ear. 

As ever, this image leak has to be taken with a pinch of salt, as it may be some very good Photoshop work. However, since the S10 will be the tenth-generation of Samsung's incredibly successful flagship range, a major design change is to be expected. With other phone manufacturers now pushing the boundaries of how thin the bezels can go, we wouldn't be surprised to see Samsung follow suit. 

Writing by Max Langridge.