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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has a habit of releasing its devices in a number of different colours, either as worldwide options or exclusives for certain markets or mobile operators. That once again looks to be the case for the Galaxy Note 9, which may well be available in five different colours, according to information obtained by AllAboutSamsung. The website has also produced some renders based on the information. 

The German news outlet says Samsung's upcoming phablet will be available in blue, brown, lavender, black and grey and Sammobile has weighed in to say lavender, black and blue are dead certs. Samsung has used some of these colours for its phones before, but it's believed the shades of them will be slightly different to those models. 

Lavender for example will a lighter version of the Lilac Purple Galaxy S9, while grey will be darker than the titanium Galaxy S9 and will have a blue tinge to the frame. The blue is said to have a gold frame while black will be the same black seen on the previous Galaxy Note and Galaxy S flagships. 

Brown is a colour we haven't seen for sometime though. It was first seen on the Galaxy Note II and reappeared on the Galaxy S6 as a UK exclusive. It seems Samsung feels it's time to revive it once again for the Galaxy Note 9.

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It's not clear which colours will launch on day one and which will be introduced later down the line, or which will be exclusives. So while we would suggest taking a good look and deciding on a favourite, don't automatically assume you will be able to get one come launch. 

Writing by Max Langridge.