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(Pocket-lint) - Try to keep your jaw from hitting the floor when Samsung announces the cost of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

It'll be hard to act surprised about the upcoming phones themselves, considering every single detail about them has leaked, including their price tags, which, if nothing else does, may garner a few gasps from those watching their unveiling. Pricing will apparently will start at €841 for the Galaxy S9 and €997 for the Galaxy S9+.

This information comes from Evan Blass, a well-known and reliable leaker. Now, if you were to convert that pricing into US and UK currencies, it works out to about $1,038/£743 for the Galaxy S9 and $1,229/£880 for the Galaxy S9+. Remember, the Galaxy S8 cost £689 when it launched last year, while the Galaxy S8+ cost £779.

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Before you start cursing at Samsung for this sudden price hike, remember we have heard before that Samsung is planning to pull an Apple and increase its flagship pricing by at least £100. Apple recently instituted a $122 price difference between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the latter of which starts at a whopping $999/£999.

But, if this leak is true, Samsung will only increase it's pricing by £54 for the Galaxy S9, though the Galaxy S9+ will be upped by £99. We'll know for sure soon, as Samsung is set to formally announce its phones next week.

Writing by Elyse Betters.