Samsung clearly doesn't care if everyone in the world learns everything about its forthcoming flagships ahead of their unveiling.

Exhibit A: An official Samsung YouTube channel (Samsung Mobile Korea) has uploaded three teasers that strongly hint at several Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ features. One video, for instance, shows examples of when slow-mo video capture comes in handy, while another demonstrates when you might need low-light photography. Mind you, Samsung's next flagship phones are expected to be great at these tasks.

And the third teaser seems to confirm the rumour that Samsung has added an Apple Animoji-like feature, thought to be dubbed 3D emoji, in which you can create an animated avatar of yourself using the phones' facial recognition technology. You can read all about that rumour here. If you want to know more about what the phones are expected to feature, be sure to browse our extensive round up of leaks here.

Samsung Galaxy S9 teaser: Slow-mo

Samsung Galaxy S9 teaser: Low-light

Samsung Galaxy S9 teaser: 3D emoji

Now, time for Exhibit B: A Twitter user (@MMDDJ_) has shared what he or she claimed is a cropped photo that was allegedly snapped with the Galaxy S9. It's compared to a similar picture taken by last year's Galaxy S8. The photos show a city skyline, but shot from within a building, and the Galaxy S9 seems to be better at dynamic range reproduction and detail rendition than its predecessor.

We'd normally caution against believing a random tweet, but it's getting picked up by many news outlets. Also, oddly, when other Twitter users asked the leakster why the photo was cropped and not shared in full, the leakster replied, "That's not allowed". Curious.

So, even though Samsung has yet to launch the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, we know practically everything about them, thanks to numerous rumours and reports. Samsung will likely confirm all these leaks, and possibly even demo the above features, on 25 February, when it unveils both phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Pocket-lint will be at the show to bring you the latest as it happens.