Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 flagship will reportedly feature a different user experience with all-new features.

Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ next month at MWC 2018, and as a result, the leaks have been pouring in, such as this latest report from SamMobile, which cited a post on Weibo. SamMobile said this source from China has been right a lot in the past, and it now has claimed the Galaxy S9 will have an exclusive UX.

The source is referring to software features that Samsung layers on top of the Android operating system. Samsung reportedly developed the UX just for this device and it will offer features never before used by Samsung. Keep in mind Samsung used the Samsung Experience UX on the Galaxy S8 and an updated 8.5 version on Note 8. 

It's thought that the Galaxy S9 will launch with a SE 9.0 version, though we have no idea what new features it will bring. The source only said Samsung’s UX division has developed new interfaces, but it's not unusual for a company to add new software features to a new flagship device. So, this news doesn't seem too surprising, really.

The most interesting aspect is that it'll be "exclusive" to the Galaxy S9. Does that mean it won't arrive for older devices through a regular update? SamMobile noted there's been whispers about the Galaxy S9 getting a new UX with a huge focus on artificial intelligence, but Samsung hasn't confirmed that yet. We'll keep you posted.

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