Samsung has been rumoured to be producing a smartphone with a foldable, bendable screen for a few years now but have yet to see any final product. That may all be finally set to change at the end of this year, as sources speaking to Korean news outlet ET News have said that Samsung plans to start mass-production of the displays by September and assemble the final phones in November, before a December or early-2019 launch.

We've been calling the foldable phone Galaxy X, but the truth is there is currently no official name, however the phone is expected to have a 7.3-inch OLED display that can be used as a regular smartphone or folded out to become a tablet.

There's a chance Samsung will have a private area at its CES 2018 booth where it will speak in more detail about foldable displays and possibly even show a prototype.

It's believed that other manufacturers will follow suit and develop smartphones with foldable screens this year, with 2019 to be the year they properly take off.

While this is all still rumour and hearsay for now, the claims of a 2019 release fit in with previous leaks and murmurings. In April 2017, Samsung Display's principal engineer Kim Tae-woong said there was still plenty of life in the Infinity Display found on the Galaxy S8 and soon-to-be-released Galaxy S9, so there was still plenty of time to develop a foldable display.

Whenever Samsung does choose to release a phone with a folding display, there's a good chance it will launch, initially at least, in South Korea after a support page with a model number ending in N0, which refers to Samsung's home country.