Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S9 and S9+ on 27 February at Mobile World Congress, according to Korean news outlet The Bell, and translated by MySmartPrice. The site has a small table showing the unveiling and launch dates of the previous Galaxy S flagships and it shows an MWC unveiling will put the company's release schedule back on track.

Previous Galaxy flagships have been unveiled at MWC, except for the Galaxy S8, which didn't see the light of day until March 2017 because Samsung wanted to take extra care during production following the issues surrounding the Galaxy Note 7.

The Bell also says there will be a long wait time between unveiling and actual launch, suggesting you won't be able to buy a Galaxy S9 or S9+ until August. It says the Galaxy S8 has been selling well and so the only reason to bring the launch forward would be to gain an upper hand on Apple. However Apple won't unveil any new iPhones until September, so Samsung is said to be happy and confident with an August launch.

It is worth noting though that The Bell also says the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled "the day before the opening of MWC 2018", which is actually 25 February. Samsung has unveiled its phones on the Sunday night before the show in the past, so this date is more likely. There could be translation issues at play, or The Bell hasn't got concrete information just yet. 


So that's when we can expect to see the next Samsung flagships and now thanks to OnLeaks and MySmartPrice, we can get a clearer idea about what they will look like, or at least the Galaxy S9+ anyway. OnLeaks has been pretty accurate in the past when it comes to renders, so we can be fairly confident that this will be the final design of the Galaxy S9+.

From the front it will look largely the same as its predecessor, with a 6.1-inch display, but it's on the back where the changes will be made. We've already seen evidence to suggest the S9+ will get a dual-lens camera and now OnLeaks' renders have confirmed it.

It will be arranged vertically and will have the repositioned fingerprint scanner beneath it, while the heart rate sensor and single LED flash will sit just to the right. The 3.5mm headphone jack is set to stay and can be found on the bottom, the power button will be on the right and the Bixby button and volume rocker are on the left edge.

Reliable Twitter tipster Evan Blass has previously said 2018 will be a 'tock' year for the Galaxy flagship, meaning minor changes and the rumours we've already heard, plus these new renders, certainly confirm that. Now we have a date for the diary, the countdown can begin.