Previously, Quick Mobile Fix sent us a refurbished iPhone to check out, to see if it looks and feels like a new phone. This time out, it’s a Galaxy S7 in pristine condition bundle.

To keep the phone extra secure, the actual phone itself shipped in a separate box, protected with a healthy layer of bubble wrap, helping it get through shipping without issue. With Samsung offering very little space for extra protection inside its retail box, it's reassuring to know that the retailer took extra precautions. 

As part of this bundle, the accessories are all packaged separately within the phone box. There’s the genuine, brand new USB cable, wrapped in its own film. You also get an authentic pair of Samsung earbuds, again, unused and separately wrapped, as well as the Samsung travel charger. The top earth pin folds flight, while the bottom two pins clip on, to save space when travelling. Get a hands-on look in the video below. 

All the accessories in the box are brand new, and look it, but what's brilliant is how new the phone looks. Looking around the glass back and the front, you’d assume it would be scratched somewhere - being a refurbished phone - but being sold as pristine means this model has no permanent marking anywhere. The frame is completely scratch free as are the front and back.

While the unboxing experience is different, the phone and its accessories all look and feel like brand new ones. Once set up, in your pocket, and part of your daily life, you soon forget it’s not a brand new device.

With refurbished phones in this condition, it makes it harder to justify spending extra cash to buy brand new. The S7 is available in various conditions and bundles from Quick Mobile FIx with prices starting at just £299, saving you a massive £230. That’s brilliant for a phone that was easily the best of last year’s flagships.

If you're interested in checking out the available stock, or seeing other smartphones in a similar condition, head on over to Quick Mobile Fix