A report fresh out of Korea has said that Samsung will give the Galaxy S9 and S9+ a much improved iris scanner over the Galaxy S8, which will be used to provide extra security for sensitive information.

The report, published by The Korea Herald and picked up by Sammobile, says the iris scanner will be "improved to 3-megapixels from 2-megapixels of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 to capture clearer images." The report goes on to say the new iris scanner will be able to recognise a user's iris' even when they're wearing eyeglasses, move their eyeballs or are in low-light conditions.

We've already heard from usually-reliable Twitter user Ice Universe that the Galaxy S9 will feature 3D depth-sensing facial recognition technology to add an extra layer of security, in a similar fashion to the Face ID tech found on the Apple iPhone X.

Samsung is said to be trying to get more banks and banking apps onboard to use iris scanning as a form of authentication as opposed to just entering a password or scanning a fingerprint. Banks are alleged to be seeing iris scanning as more of a fad at the moment, and considering the iris scanning technology on the Galaxy S8 was able to be fooled by a photograph, may not see it as the most secure method for authentication.

Samsung disagrees, with a spokesperson telling The Korea Herald "Iris scanner is the safest biometric authentication (among iris, fingerprint and face recognition) and we will continue to improve the system for upcoming smartphones for safer banking transactions," but did not reveal any specific plans for the Galaxy S9."

Samsung obviously still sees the fingerprint scanner as an important part of the Galaxy S9, as we've just recently seen leaked renders showing it has been repositioned after some users complained it was in a less-than-ideal location on the Galaxy S8.