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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is looking into a new way of verifying your identity and, oddly, reminding you of your password should you ever forget it.

The company, which already offers biometric-based unlocking technologies on its devices, ranging from facial recognition to fingerprint and even eye scans, is exploring a new palm-scanning method as an alternative security mechanism. According to a 42-page patent, which SamMobile discovered was recently filed, Samsung has envisioned a way for Samsung device users to take a photo of their palm.

Using the front camera, they'll take the picture, and then the phone will be able to verify their identity, as long as their palm lines match up with the ones they've stored on the device, of course. But this isn't meant to unlock your device. Instead, it's meant to confirm who you are and then display your password hint on the display. It'll even appear scattered across the lines, so nearby glancers can't see it.

The purpose of all this is to help you remember your forgotten password. Of course, since this is just a patent, there is no guarantee that Samsung will add this technology to upcoming phones. It's probably just tinkering around and protecting any ideas it finds interesting.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.