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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung isn't expected to make too many drastic changes to the design of the Galaxy S9, instead relying on the largely successful design of the Galaxy S8, at least, that's according to usually reliable leaker Evan Blass.

Blass has come out tweeting, saying the Galaxy S9 and S9+, named Star 1 and Star 2 respectively, will fall into a "tock" year, which is US slang meaning only minor updates (a "tick" year would mean big changes). While Blass doesn't give any other information away, instead saying there is "more to come", we can safely assume that small refinements, such as processor upgrades and a possible repositioning of the fingerprint scanner will arrive with Samsung's next flagship.

We wouldn't expect too many changes to the screen sizes and overall design of the phones, especially since the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are two of the best-looking phones available right now. However we expect the Galaxy S9 to adopt the dual-lens rear camera first introduced with the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung took a little while to join the dual-lens party, but now that it's a member, it's safe to assume that follow-up phones will have the same feature.

Despite Blass' track record when it comes to leaks and rumours, as with anything, it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt for now, until more details are revealed. 

Writing by Max Langridge.