We're still a fair few months away from the Samsung Galaxy S9 official launch - which we expect to be towards the end of March - but the rumours keep coming.

The latest comes from Twitter user IceUniverse - translated by Phone Arena - who has been accurate on Samsung flagship leaks and predictions in the past. They claim the Galaxy S9 flagship will ship with a free pair of AKG Bluetooth in-ear headphones in the box. The idea of some AKG headphones being bundled for free is almost guaranteed, since current Galaxy flagships have earphones "tuned by AKG" and Samsung acquired Harman, AKG's parent company.

However, bundling a pair of Bluetooth headphones has us raising a few eyebrows, as the cost incurred by Samsung for each pair will likely be higher. AKG doesn't currently produce Bluetooth in-ear headphones, while Samsung's own pair of Gear IconX wire-free in-ears cost £199.

Also, if Samsung does choose to include a pair of Bluetooth headphones, it would infer that the 3.5mm headphone port will be removed, but IceUniverse says that isn't the case, as it's still there on the prototypes they claim to have seen.

IceUniverse also added in their leak that the Galaxy S9's dual camera will get a new anti-glare coating called BBAR (Broadband Anti-Reflection) that will help prevent against glare and dual images.

As ever, we're taking this all with a hefty pinch of salt until more details are revealed.