Samsung is already thought to be working on the Note 9, the next phablet in the long-running Note series. Two employees from Samsung's Global Product Planning Group have confirmed the phone is already in the planning stages.

Now the Note 9's codename is thought to have been leaked, and it's called Crown. The news comes from Korean news outlets The Bell and The Investor, which cite smartphone parts suppliers for the leaked nomenclature.

It's believed that Samsung chooses its specific codenames for a reason, as a representation of the phone's purpose. The Galaxy Note 8 for example was codenamed "baikal" which is a lake in Russia and one of the largest in the world.

The connotation being that Samsung fitted its largest screen ever to a mobile in 6.32-inch display of the Note 8. It's now thought that "Crown" refers to Samsung's desire for the Note 9 to be the best phablet in the world, or the king.

It's certainly a vague connection, but it's an extra snippet of information nonetheless to help us piece together the Note 9 puzzle before its official launch sometime in the second half of 2018.

Rumours surrounding design and features of the Note 9 are pretty scarce right now, but we expect it to feature the same dual-lens camera from the Note 8 and an Infinity display.

However Samsung may have finally developed a way of embedding a fingerprint sensor into the display by the time the Note 9 is ready for launch. We still have many months to wait, so expect plenty more rumours between now and then.