After the proper model numbers for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ leaked a few weeks ago, Samsung itself has confirmed there will be a Galaxy Note 9 in 2018. Speaking in an interview with Samsung Newsroom, Cue Kim and BJ Kang, both from Samsung's Global Product Planning Group, said they are already planning the next Note.

The team usually takes a break when the latest Note phone is released, in this case, the Galaxy Note 8, but this time "we're not taking any breaks, even though the Note 8 planning process was so challenging".

Kang said the group is looking at ways to improve and build upon the Note series in the next version and in particular is looking at signature features such as the S Pen and how they can be enhanced.

While they didn't say exactly how they would improve the S Pen (presumably because it's too early to say), both Kim and Kang did point out that other key features of the Note series are the large display, App Pair feature that launches two apps from a single icon and the screen off memo feature.

The dual-lens camera that features in the Note 8 - the first for a Samsung phone - should be improved in the next version too. Kang said that research going back to the first Note phone in 2011 indicated the camera is one of the main features consumers look at before purchasing a Note.

Rumours in general for the Galaxy Note 9 are thin on the ground at the moment, but we fully expect it to have a similar design to the current Note 8. That means an Infinity Display and combination of metal and glass.

It's possible that Samsung may finally be able to embed a fingerprint sensor in the display with the Note 9. It's a feature that was rumoured to arrive on the Note 8 and the iPhone X, but never happened, so we're a little sceptical for now.

What we can be sure of is that the Note 9 will be announced around the end of August and launch sometime in September, so there's still plenty of time for rumours and leaks to surface.