Samsung's next Note might have a feature that was once rumoured for Apple's iPhone X: an under-display fingerprint reader.

According to a note penned by a well-known analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, Samsung might embed a fingerprint reader under the display of the Galaxy Note 9, due out in autumn 2018. Business Insider, which reported on the note, highlighted that Samsung has already looked at samples, and suppliers like Synaptics, BeyondEyes, Samsung LSI, and Egis are all competing for Samsung’s business.

Kuo said he thinks BeyondEyes and Samsung LSI will get the contract, as their OLED screens can double as a light source for the sensor, which will ultimately save battery life. But that's all Business Insider could glean from Kuo’s research note. Keep in mind Samsung reportedly tried to embed a fingerprint sensor in this year's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, but it ditched the idea due to time constraints.

Apple reportedly ran into similar production issues when it tried to use an under-display sensor on the iPhone X, a phone that exclusively uses 3D facial recognition for biometric authentication. Kuo has said he thinks facial recognition is a better method.