A photo of what is alleged to be the camera unit from the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has popped up online.

Posted by Tung Ha on his Facebook page, the image purportedly shows the dual-camera array, flash and fingerprint sensor on the rear of, what is claimed to be, a Galaxy Note 8. We're not sure whether it's a dummy device, prototype or working model, but if true the most interesting part of the tech is the biometric sensor itself.

As it is raised in the picture, speculation online suggests that it could be a press button - not just a fingerprint sensor. That could unlock the phone, for example, considering the screen is expected to sport an Infinity Display similar to that found on the Galaxy S8.

Tung HaSamsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera image 2

Another image posted by Ha also shows a mock-up of what the Note 8 could look like with the new camera unit. It is clearly a mock-up as the camera looks wonky on the rear to us.

Of course, the whole thing could be a mock-up. There are certain signs it could be. However, we have heard in the past about the Note 8 featuring a dual-lens camera and the like.

We'll find out for sure in August, when Samsung is heavily tipped to officially unveil the new phone.

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