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(Pocket-lint) - Pictures and video have appeared online that purportedly show a dummy version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The phone itself isn't expected to be officially launched until September, but details have been hitting the internet over the last few weeks. Now this dummy handset has been posted. It is said to be a model that could have been shipped to a case manufacturer for size and design purposes.

From the photos and clip, you can see that the design is similar to the current Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices. It is even pictured alongside the Galaxy S7, showing that it's not a million miles away from that phone too.

Weibosamsung galaxy note 8 dummy shows vertical dual lens camera image 2

It will have an Infinity Display, like the latest Samsung flagships, it is said. But its screen will be 6.3-inches - just a fraction larger than the S8+.

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Where it will differ, it seems, will be with a vertical dual-lens camera on the rear and S Pen stylus.

Weibosamsung galaxy note 8 dummy shows vertical dual lens camera image 3

The rear camera has been talked about before, with rumours suggesting that it will be made up of 12-megapixel and 13-megapixel sensors. This is the first time we've seen it ranged vertically however. And there's no sign of a fingerprint sensor either, hinting that speculation about an in-screen biometric sensor could be true.

Of course, this is just a dummy handset with no confirmation whatsoever that it originates from Samsung, so take everything with a healthy pinch of Himalayan mountain salt.

Writing by Rik Henderson.