(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has released its first quarter financial results, and while it's interesting that the company seems to have ridden the storm of the Note 7 debacle well, with profitability looking good, there's something far more tantalising shoehorned into its future forecasts.

The firm has confirmed that, while the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have been critically well received, a new flagship phone is on the horizon.

"The company will strive to maintain profitability through robust sales of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the launch of a new flagship smartphone in the second half," it said in a statement.

Surely that confirms the much-rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And it is likely to hit the August - September release slot as previous devices in that particular range.

There are few other details on the Note 8, codenamed "Great", at present. However, it is thought to look similar in design to the excellent S8 and S8+ handsets.

Samsung also confirmed that it will be launching new smartphones in the low to mid-range: "Samsung will also look to sustain profitability in the mid- to low-end segment by launching new products and streamlining the line-up," it added.

"Streamlining" clearly means it will be releasing fewer different phones in those areas, maybe focusing on specific screen sizes.

Writing by Rik Henderson.