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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung didn't do a lot with the Galaxy S8's rear camera, but that doesn't mean it didn't consider seriously upgrading the snapper.

KK on Weibo – a leaker with a decent track record – has shared a leaked prototype of the Galaxy S8 Plus. There's one obvious difference between this leaked prototype and the version Samsung ultimately unveiled: the prototype sports a dual camera in a vertical arrangement. We've seen a similar setup on a number of flagships in recent years, including the LG G6, iPhone 7 Plus, and Huawei P10.

The new leak suggests that Samsung considered a dual camera setup too, although company executives have already said that Samsung found no real value for it. Interestingly, the leaked prototype doesn’t show a fingerprint sensor. Does that mean Samsung was originally going to embed the sensor in the front glass? Who knows. But it's certainly interesting wonder about what could have been.

Keep in mind that Apple is rumoured to include a dual camera on the new iPhone, so even though Samsung balked at the idea for the Galaxy S8, it may ultimately be forced to include one on its next flagship. (Maybe even the Note 8?)

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Writing by Elyse Betters.