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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has taken the wraps off its exciting follow-up to the Galaxy S7 and, with it, unveiled a host of innovative and unique features. Here are eight features that set the Samsung Galaxy S8 apart from its predecessors, and from its competition. 

1. Infinity display

There’s no doubt that the long, Infinity Display is the big shout-out feature of the S8 and S8+. It curves beautifully around the edges, has no bezel on the sides, and a very slim, minimal bezel on the top and bottom. It’s also a longer ratio, making it perfect for watching cinematic content on your phone.

2. Invisible home button

Samsung is really pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a smartphone, and nowhere is that more evident than in the home button solution. With the screen taking up more space, the physical home button had to go somewhere else.

Instead of getting rid of the home button completely, Samsung built in a special sensor beneath the display that gives a vibrating response that’s so subtle, it feels like pressing a button. It’s perfectly placed and works great.

3. 10nm processor

It may not be something you can see from the outside, but the chip built using the 10 nano-meter process inside is a technological marvel. In simple terms it means Samsung can pack in way more power into a chip that’s much smaller than previous ones, improving performance and efficiency without using more space.

4. Mobile HDR Premium

Other devices may have Mobile HDR, but Samsung is the first to have its Mobile HDR Premium given the stamp of approval by the UHD alliance. With providers like Netflix and Amazon getting involved, that means videos are going to look stunning on that long, vibrant display.

5. DeX

DeX is a really cool, clever contraption that is - in essence - a dock that plugs in to a desktop monitor, transforming your Galaxy S8 in to a proper computer. It has enough physical ports to connect almost anything, including hard-lined internet, and you can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse, for that “proper computer” feel.

6. Facial recognition

Samsung’s latest phone doesn’t just have fingerprint and iris scanners for security, it can also recognise your face. Pick up the phone, wait a split second, and it unlocks.

7. Samsung Connect

Samsung is all about bringing together your entire ecosystem of smart connected devices. With Samsung Connect you can control everything from your TV to your washing machine and light bulbs, all from an app, and can even bring non-Samsung products together using a SmartThings hub

8. Bixby

The easiest way to describe is that it lets you use your phone with just your voice. Any interactions you’d normally control using touchscreen, you can do with Bixby. It has a dedicated button on the left of the phone, and is contextually aware and understands natural language.