Samsung used its Mobile World Congress 2017 press conference to tease the launch date for its forthcoming smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung usually uses the Barcelona trade show to launch its annual update to its flagship smartphone, but in 2017, its absence was noted.

Some are putting this down to wanting to stabilise after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, some are saying it's to ensure that everything is 100 per cent correct, but it might just because it fits into the company's plans better. 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched on 29 March 2017 it has been confirmed, finally putting a date on the perhaps the most anticipated device launch of the year.

Samsung also dropped in another tiny hint, saying that AKG headphones would soon be available and would be bundled with the upcoming smartphone.

Meanwhile, Mobile World Congress has seen the launch of the Huawei P10, the LG G6, a new Moto G5 and a portfolio of Nokia handsets.