Apple's Siri has bright waves. Microsoft's Cortana has a circle. Amazon's Alexa has an A. Google Assistant has colourful bars.

But what will Samsung's Bixby have?

Thanks to several reports, we know that Samsung is planning to make a new AI assistant a major part of its next flagship Galaxy S8 phone and maybe even smart home strategy. There has been plenty of speculation about its features, which you can read about from here, and that it will be called Bixby. Details on the assistant are scarce. Nevertheless, a new report claims to reveal how Bixby's logo might look. 

European Trade Markdoes samsung s trademark filing reveal the logo for its bixby ai  image 2

Neowin spotted a Samsung trademark application filed with the European Trade Mark and Design Network. It's for a “B” logo that may end up being the logo used for the Bixby AI. The filing explained that the logo is for “interactive computer software enabling exchange of information”, meaning an assistant. However, Neowin noted the logo appears similar to "8", which might mirror the Galaxy S8's branding.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to be released in March. If so, prepare to see Bixby unveiled around then too.