(Pocket-lint) - All eyes will be on the Samsung Galaxy S8 when it launches later this year. Everyone is all too aware of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 and the issues it suffered with the battery, so the Galaxy S8 has to do a lot of things right to regain consumer confidence.

Going by the many rumours we've already heard about the upcoming flagship, it may well do just that. As has been the case for the past few years, there's expected to be two versions of the Galaxy S8, but this time round, both are said to come with curved edges as it's been seen as the more popular option amongst customers.

But what will the phones actually look like? Until they're officially unveiled, we don't know for sure, but as ever, that hasn't stopped designers coming up with their own renders and drawings to show what we could expect.

Some of them are a little out of the ordinary, while others could be incredibly close to the real deal.

Venya Geskin 1

Graphic designer Benjamin Geskin shared some images on his Twitter account in January of what he thought the Galaxy S8 would look like based on rumours at the time. These images showed a screen that dominates the front of the phone, some Samsung branding at the bottom and a single-lens rear-facing camera. The renders don't however show any physical buttons around any edges, and while they do show a slightly curved screen, the whole phone relatively straight edges.

Venya Geskin 1

Geskin followed up his original renders with a new set that did come with physical buttons on the side, with what appear to be power and volume keys all on the left side. The rear camera has stayed as a single lens, but the flash has been moved from the side of the lens, to at the top of the phone.

Venya Geskin 1

As we approached the end of January, rumours started to appear suggesting Samsung will fit the Galaxy S8 with a dedicated, side-mounted button to access its personal voice assistant, Bixby (originally thought to be called Viv). Venya Geskin once again shared a series of renders that included this button, as well as a slightly more curved screen and more rounded edges. The flash has moved to the left side of the camera, and a new square cut-out has appeared on the right hand side.

Samsung Display

Samsung Display may have given us an early glimpse of the Galaxy S8 during a promotional video for its new smartphone screen. The phone in the video had incredibly thin bezels and no physical home button on the front, which followed all previous rumours for the device. The only thing that contradicted everything else that had been said of the phone up to that point was it featured a flat design, rather than curved. 

CNET Korea

CNET Korea obtained some leaked schematic drawings of both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, which also showed this new array on the rear of the phone. The drawings explained that the new cut-out to the right of the camera would be for a fingerprint scanner, as it's where the right index should naturally lie when you hold the phone.

OnLeaks x GearIndia

In early February, Twitter tipster @OnLeaks teamed up with GearIndia to produce a stunning set of rendered images that offered the most likely depiction of the final product. The phones in the renders feature curved screens, curved edges all round, a USB Type-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack - at one point it was claimed Samsung would ditch the headphone port in favour of USB Type-C audio, but those rumours have since been quashed - a single speaker. 

On the right you can see a button that should be for Bixby and on the left hand side are the volume keys. The renders also take into account the rear-mounted camera with fingerprint scanner positioned next to it. 


A photo claiming to be of a real Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone appeared on Chinese social site Weibo, a site where many phones have been leaked before. The photo shows a phone with practically identical features to the ones we'd seen in recent renders, further cementing the idea the S8 will have a screen that will dominate the front of the phone.

Design Woos

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus edging closer and closer, yet more renders have appeared online, courtesy of Design Woos, that accentuate the design features. The images show the USB Type-C port, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and even new colours: red, green, blue and grey.

Writing by Max Langridge.