Samsung has confirmed that it is holding a Galaxy Unpacked event - the first such event in 2019 - expected to see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10

Here's everything you need to know as Samsung prepares to launch the next Galaxy handset.

Samsung Galaxy S10 press conference: When is it?

Samsung has invited the press to an Unpacked event on 20 February. The event will take place in San Francisco, California, and will be live broadcast to events in other regions.

The Galaxy Unpacked event will be at: 

  • San Francisco: 11:00
  • New York: 13:00
  • London: 19:00
  • Mumbai: 00:30 (+1)
  • Tokyo: 03:00 (+1)
  • Sydney: 06:00 (+1)

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked press event: Where can I watch it?

Samsung has confirmed that it will be host a live stream for the event and you'll be able to watch along. That stream obviously isn't live, but you can replay the previous Unpacked which was the Note 9. As soon as we have the details for the Galaxy S10 live stream we will update the below.

Alternatively, it is also available to watch online at

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked press conference: What will be launched?

Samsung has left little to the imagination with the invite to the event, with a huge 10 across the middle. It's the 10th anniversary year of the Galaxy so there's a double celebration with the expected launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10. But there might be a number of different models. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to be the focus of the event and it is likely to appear in two different sizes as in previous years. The specification of the devices will likely be pretty similar - with Qualcomm Snapdragon or Exynos hardware depending on the region - AMOLED displays in 5.8 or 6.1-inch sizes and three cameras on the rear.

Samsung Galaxy S10 X

There's also a rumour that there's going to a supercharged version of the S10, called the Samsung Galaxy S10 X. It's suggested that this handset - codenamed Beyond X - will be the 5G version of this phone, set for launch in the US and Korea initially, and it will be a premium version, with four cameras, a larger 6.7-inch display and a huge bump to internal specs, with 10GB RAM and 1TB of storage. The price is expected to match.

Samsung Galaxy E

There are rumours that Samsung will be launching a budget version of the S10, called the Samsung Galaxy E - or "lite" in some rumours. This might not be coming to all regions and we're not certain whether Samsung will add it to the Unpacked roster.

Samsung Galaxy Pulse

There's also he suggestion that Samsung will be updating the Gear Sport with a model called the Galaxy Pulse. This will be a new Tizen-based wearable, but with a full roster of phones - and Mobile World Congress soon after unpacked - we might not see this device launch at the 20 February event.

Samsung Galaxy F

We're also expecting to see Samsung's folding phone announced at some point. This was showcased at the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference, but again, it's difficult to say whether Samsung will launch it at Unpacked or save it for MWC.