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Has Samsung Display just revealed the Galaxy S8?

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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung Display has posted two videos to its Korean YouTube channel that show a smartphone using its latest AMOLED display technology. While the technology itself is probably very interesting - it's in Korean so we're not sure what's being said - it shows a smartphone that could well be the Galaxy S8.

The phone in question features a screen with incredibly thin bezels on all sides, but especially the left and right, something we already expect to be the case with the Galaxy S8. However it is a flat screen, rather than one with curved edges. While the possibility of a flat screen has been mentioned, there have been more rumours to suggest the Galaxy S8 will only be available with a curved screen, even if there are two versions. 

The phone being used in all three videos doesn't have any branding on it though, which could mean it's a prototype version, although it is missing a physical home button, which is something else we expect to see on the Galaxy S8.

You don't need to understand much Korean to be able to work out what one of the videos is trying to say. It pitches Samsung Display's AMOLED screen up against a competitor, which is likely to be an LCD panel. It shows much deeper colours and a 100 percent colour gamut compared to the rivals' measly 74 percent. It then goes on to show a cross section of both displays and how they're made up. Samsung's AMOLED uses far fewer layers, which suggests whatever phone it's fitted to, can be made a lot thinner.

There is a possibility that the phone isn't the Galaxy S8 at all, but it does show that Samsung Display has made an AMOLED screen that can take up the vast majority of a phone's front side. It's probably the best piece of evidence we've seen yet to show what the Galaxy S8 will look like.

Writing by Max Langridge.