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(Pocket-lint) - Korean news publication ET News has cited sources as saying the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with an auto-focusing front-facing camera. If true, it would be your selfies would be much sharper and clearer than before.

The majority of smartphones use fixed-focus lenses for the front camera, mainly because they’re small and it’s not seen as much of a requirement to have auto-focus. But now we’re really becoming a selfie generation, Samsung may have thought it’s high-time something was done to try and make our mugs look better (in pictures at least).

The technology could benefit group selfies too, and would help keep everyone in focus when using something like a selfie-stick, where you have little control over what the camera does.

Samsung is said to be testing autofocus actuators, which claim to have little effect on the camera’s size, so it shouldn’t protrude out the front, but it could have an increased effect on the price of the phone.

If the Samsung Galaxy S8 does arrive with autofocus on the front camera, it will join the Sony Xperia M5 and HTC Desire Eye, both of which already use similar technology. The Galaxy S8 is expected to be unveiled at or around Mobile World Congress in February 2017.

Writing by Max Langridge.