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(Pocket-lint) - The competing rivalry between Samsung and Apple is nothing new, the two have been vying for smartphone supremacy for several years. Where one goes, the other tends to follow, either by improving on a feature or essentially copying and claiming it as an original idea.

The latter is what we're dealing with today, as leaked images of a gloss black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have appeared online on Chinese social site Weibo. Apple reintroduced gloss black as a colour option after a four year hiatus between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 7. The colour is back and has proven popular with customers, regardless of the fact it's a fingerprint and scratch magnet.

It could be entirely coincidental that Samsung has chosen to release a gloss black S7 Edge, as it does already offer a matte black version. Apple also offers a matte black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The leaked images are said to be of an international version of the phone, although there's nothing in the images to confirm this. It's also claimed to have 128GB of internal storage as standard, positioning itself as a more premium option compared to the 32GB you get with other colour options.

There's no mention of any other hardware upgrades, so expect it arrive with the same 5.5-inch Quad HD display and Snapdragon 820 processor. Even though it's claimed the images are of an international version, there's no word on an official release date. With the Galaxy S8 expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress next February, we assume the gloss black S7 Edge will be out before then.

Writing by Max Langridge.