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(Pocket-lint) - The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has passed. The life of this wonderful smartphone cut short. Join us as we reflect on the device that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Before the Note 7 was born, the excitement was tangible. With over-achieving siblings appearing earlier in 2016, the Note 7 pushed things into the big leagues, with its beautiful 5.7-inch display and those wonderful curved edges, the symmetry of its design would bring a tear to your eye. 

Some said it was the most wonderful looking phone that had ever been designed. Some said it was the best product that Samsung had ever produced. That deepens the sadness at its passing, a device that was never given the chance to fulfill its true potential. 

And such potential the Note 7 possessed. It was the fusion of design and power, it was great whether you used the S Pen or not. It was waterproof, compact and also the first Samsung device to carry USB Type-C. It was advanced like that, it broke boundaries, pushing itself into the space where you'd consider it the most desirable device around.

But, sadly, all was not well with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This shining star, lauded by reviewers and craved by customers, harbored a deep secret, one that ultimately, deprived us of this wonderful device.

On a personal level, the Note 7 stayed with us for about a month. It was a month of joy, a month of discovery, a month of travel with a stalwart companion. Gifted with S Pen advancements, refined in experience, powerful enough to entertain and with the endurance to keep up, that month was a time of revelation. 

It was toward the end of this month that we first heard that there might be something wrong with the Note 7. We'd heard gossip, but the reports spread like wildfire, until our own Note 7 left us.

For us, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was an important device. With the Note 5 having skipped the UK in favour of the Galaxy S6 edge+, it filled a gap that for those who'd skipped a device waiting for a new Note to appear.

We're left saddened that the Note 7 has had its life cut short, but what a sweet life it was. We'd like to express our deep condolences to Samsung on this occasion and we hope with all sincerity that the eclipsing of the Note 7 doesn't stem the flow of innovation in the future.

Writing by Chris Hall.