If you're already familiar with the Samsung Galaxy Note series then you'll know about the power of the S-Pen (Samsung's fancy name for the included, integrated stylus which comes with the device).

The Note 7 is the latest big-screen phone in the series, which is not only destined for a UK release unlike the absent Note 5, but comes complete with a bunch of new S-Pen applications and features. Here's an overview of what to expect.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen: What's new in Air Command?

As with all recent Note devices, removing the S-Pen from its dock will fire-up Air Command, a series of application shortcuts specifically designed for stylus use displayed in an semi-circular overlay on the screen. In the Note 5 this comprised Action Memo, Smart Select, Screen Write, S Note and Add Shortcuts.

In the Note 7 the Smart Select and Screen Write options remain, but everything else has changed. The quick shortcuts option has vanished, Create Note replaces Action Memo, while new additions Translate, Magnify and Glance take the list to six in total.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen: New features overview

Smart Select allows you to draw on screen as before to make selections of words and images, even copy said selections and share them between apps. This time around there's a new feature to create animated GIFs up to 15-seconds long from, say YouTube clips, which is a fun addition.

Screen Write is the same as before, allowing you to take screen grabs to annotate and scrawl on with additional notes.

Magnify is used to enhance a square on-screen area by 150-300 per cent - selectable in 50 per cent increments, as defined by you - depending on the S-Pen's position.

Translate, which plugs into Google Translate and can translate words on-page or even from photographs, translates in real-time, but only for one word at a time So no sentences or paragraph selection, which we think massively limits the potential of this app.

Glance is there to take a peek into an app by hovering the S-Pen over an app icon. Ideal for jumping into emails while doing something else.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen: New Notes

Now the absence of Action Memo might seem baffling, but fret not, in the Note 7 Samsung is taking a different approach to note-taking, with the Create Note option. It's less like a yellow sticky Post-It note this time around is all.

All your notes now appear in the Samsung Notes app, which lives in the app drawer, to act as a hub for all your note-based content, divided into relevant categories - handwriting, drawing, image, pen-up - to simplify content access.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen: Screen-Off Memo

Our favourite new S-Pen feature, however, doesn't concern Air Command at all. As the Note 7 has an always-on Super AMOLED display, even when the phone isn't fully active its black-out display can show incoming notifications.

By extracting the S-Pen when the phone is in this inactive state, it activates Screen-Off Memo, where it's possible to take quick notes on this black screen in white text. Ideal for quick-saving notes when there's no time to sign-in rapidly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen: What else is new?

From a physical point of view the Note 7's S-Pen is more accurate than before, thanks to 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity - twice that of the Note 5.

The S-Pen has been redesigned so that it can't be placed into the Note 7's body upside down either, which was an issue some experienced with earlier Note devices.

And, to match the Note 7's waterproofing (IP68), the S-Pen is also fully water- and dust-resistant. It can even be used to write on the screen when fully submerged in water, and Samsung has been clever enough to identify the pen pressure and ignore any unwarranted splashes also on the screen - so you won't get caught out when it's raining.