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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is working on a new type of light notification technology that could appear in the Galaxy Note 7 to let the phone communicate with you, even when facing its rear. Selfies, taken on the superior rear camera, may become smarter than ever.

Leaked specs and images for a new technology that Samsung is apparently calling Smart Glow appeared on the Galaxy Club site. The system features a ring of light that runs around the camera lens on the rear of the handset. This, the site's source says, will be able to light up and glow in order to communicate notifications and more.

In the instance of selfies taken with the superior rear camera, a user will be notified by the Smart Glow when the phone has detected a face in shot and is about to take the photo. That should allow for more comfortable holding positions to line up shots better, while the phone does the rest.

The Smart Glow system will also allegedly be used for notifications when the phone's face is down – similar to how the LED notifications on most phone's fronts currently work.

The leak has said that the Smart Glow system will first appear in the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016), scheduled for release in India. Then, it stipulates, Smart Glow could make its way to high-end devices like the Galaxy Note 7. If accurate, expect to see this tech appear very soon.

GalaxyClubsamsung galaxy note 7 selfies to be ridiculously easy and high quality using smart glow image 2

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 16 June 2016.