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(Pocket-lint) - As is traditional Samsung is expected to announce a more robust addition to its Galaxy S7 line of phones soon.

It has been adding an Active version of its flagship Android devices for several generations and the SGS7 will be no expected.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has been rumoured for a little while but now we have a leaked press image of the front and rear of the new smartphone, which is strangely decked out in gold rather than a more discrete colour theme.

Serial leaker, @evleaks, gives Samsung the benefit of the doubt however, suggesting that it might be "desert camo" rather than shiny gold. We just recommend that, should you take it on safari, don't expect to remain hidden for long if you're waving one around.

Samsung itself was among the first to leak existence of the handset. It was referred to in the Samsung Level app used to manage Samsung Bluetooth devices. An "S7 Active" was mentioned in the changelog.

It is believed the phone will have a 5.1-inch screen and be water and dust resistant.

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It will also have a robust case, according to the leaked image, which will prevent it from damage if dropped or thrown around.

We're bound to hear something more official soon.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 18 May 2016.