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(Pocket-lint) - Up to this point it has been widely speculated that Samsung's new supersized smartphones, the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus, would be officially unveiled during a dedicated event on 12 August - long before the previously expected traditional pre-IFA Unpacked briefing.

The Korean press disagrees, however, claiming that the phones will debut a day later, on 13 August, and in New York no less.

That was the location of one of Samsung's most memorable phone launches, for the Galaxy S4, which made headlines for the wrong reasons. Although the phone was impressive and ended-up being much-loved by owners worldwide, the cheesy presentation by Broadway actors left a lot to be desired.

Maybe Samsung wants to put that particular spectre behind it by visiting the scene of the crime.

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Nonetheless, Business Korea is of the mind that the reason Samsung wants to get its new flagships devices out earlier than planned (the Note series is usually announced at the end of August, beginning of September and released around October time) is to trump Apple and its expected iPhone 6S launch.

"It is believed that Samsung tries to not only check Apple, which threatens its number one position in global smartphone market share, but also capture consumers before the release of the iPhone 6S in September," it said.

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If you're wondering what to expect on launch day, famed concept render artist Ivo Marić has turned his talents to the Note 5, basing some incredibly realistic 3D impressions on the rumour and speculation going around these last couple of months.

There's also a video pointing out some of the rumoured features that we urge you to watch.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 22 July 2015.