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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has filed a patent for what it calls "Apps Edge", which is "computer application" software for mobiles phones, smartphones and tablets that helps organise and "allows quick access to frequently used applications".

Basically, it looks like the company wants to either add a new operating system feature for the Galaxy S6 edge, which gives the wrap-around screen edges more purpose, or it has additional plans for the Galaxy Note 5 coming later this year.


Although the Galaxy S6 edge screen is essentially and aesthetic choice rather than functional, last year's Note edge had some use in showing notifications down the side. Perhaps the Apps Edge software will lend even more purpose to the display, putting small icons on the strip at either side you can tap to bring up apps?

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That's one take on Samsung's patent anyway. Another, as Phandroid suggests, is that it could open up the edges of its phone displays to third-party developers in order to let them introduce new side-focused applications.

Phandroidsamsung’s apps edge patent could give purpose to the galaxy s6 edge screen image 2

Indeed, there are some on the app store already that use the Note edge and S6 edge screens to their maximum already.

Phandroid suggests, therefore, that the Apps Edge could be the name for a dedicated store.

According to the patent filing, however, we think that is less likely.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.