Samsung is working on a new type of display that's packed with so many pixels it supposedly gives off a 3D-like effect, it's claimed.

According to Electronic Times, Samsung is already looking past 4K displays and even 8K displays. It's working to develop 11K resolution mobile displays with 2250 pixels per inch. It's even partnered with the South Korean government, which is investing neary 27 million into the project over 5 years, as well as 13 other companies.

The project, called EnDK, just kicked off in June, but they expect to have a prototype ready by 2018. If that's true, you can expect the screen to become available for smartphones by 2019, and it'll have four times more pixels than Samsung's existing quad-HD mobile displays. Amazing, right?

What's more...Samsung has said that amount of pixels will give its screens a 3D-like effect (no 3D glasses required).

So, say it with us: Shut up and take my money!