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(Pocket-lint) - One of the hottest devices to launch in 2015 will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Riding high following the SGS6 and the SGS6 edge, the Note is already seeing a lot of rumour and speculation.

Joining the fray is a leaked CAD (computer aided design), a 3D rendering of the forthcoming device. It comes from nowhereelse.fr and @OnLeaks, responsible for a number of high-profile leaks over the past few years.

This computer modeling is said to come from a trusted source and once you look at it, it's everything you'd expect it to be. 

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is going to follow the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6. And why wouldn't you, when the previously-launched flagship handset is very nice indeed. In that sense, this latest piece of the puzzle brings with it exactly zero surprises.

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The layout sticks to Samsung's tried and tested formula, the positioning of the buttons looks entirely regular, as does the detailing of the camera on the rear. 

It looks like the Galaxy Note 5 is going to have the same treatment of a metal frame, with a curve to the edges of the back. It's difficult to discern what material the rear is, but we wouldn't be surprised if it's glass. 

The display appears to be 5.9-inches as previously rumoured and the placement of the camera and flash on the rear appears to match the SGS6's layout.

The opening for the S Pen can be seen on the bottom and it looks like that will slip in nice and tidily. There has been speculation about the adoption of USB Type-C, but the imagery here shows the Micro-USB cutout.

The specs suggest that the Galaxy Note 5 is going to measure approx. 153 x 77 x 10.2mm. To keep up with the story so far, make sure you read up on all the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumours for the full rundown of specs.

Writing by Chris Hall.