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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has recently made a breakthrough in battery tech that could see its new Galaxy S7 keep running for a full five days on a charge.

Samsung's research and development arm recently announced that it had made a breakthrough with current lithium-ion batteries. It has reportedly been able to extend current batteries by double.

One of the problems with battery research, until now, has been battery life. While many scientists have been able to extend battery capacity to last longer between charges, they often do so at the cost of battery life. So the number of times it can be charged drops meaning it won't last as long over its lifespan.

The Samsung R&D development appears to have conquered this issue. Not only has it doubled the capacity of batteries but has kept a highly durable cathode for long life. Essentially by coating the graphene on the surface of the silicon a protective layer was created around the silicon. The result is this battery breakthrough.

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The reason we say this may appear in the Galaxy S7 is that industry commenters predict this could take years to be commercialised. But since it was developed by Samsung, for Samsung, this process may be shortened.

Battery life extension is the Holy Grail of smartphone developments – here's hoping we see this extended life soon. This battery combined with even more efficient processors should mean charging nightly will soon become a thing of the past.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.