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(Pocket-lint) - Remember that awesome special edition Samsung Galaxy S6 edge with Iron Man looks? That's officially been released and one has sold at auction with a price that's more shocking than we could have imagined.

Of course anything Iron Man is going to be expensive. But considering all you're really getting is a different paint job on a Galaxy S6 edge, the price is nuts.

Only 1,000 units were made and someone was so desperate for one they just paid about £58,000 for a model.

Another reason for that insane price is the serial number, which was 66. Where it sold, in China, the number 66 is very lucky. So whoever bought it was paying for good fortune as well as a unique smartphone.

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Of the 1,000 Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge models made, which were released in Korea on 27 May, many have since appeared on eBay. The average asking price on there has been £2,967. So it's not cheap in any form, especially when compared to the equivalent standard Galaxy S6 edge price of £750.

Samsung has confirmed that the Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge will be on sale in Hong Kong and China later this month also. Details of how much that will sell for and how many will be made are not clear.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.