Samsung has posted a new advert for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge on YouTube that has seemingly polarised the opinions of the online community. Some hate it, but we kind-of like it. It's clever anyway.

Called That New Phone Feeling, the advert is "GIF-powered" in that it is made up of small GIF-like sequences, cut together to form one mini pop video. Indeed, it's like watching tens of Vine videos back to back, all of which featuring the latest Samsung phones.

Admittedly, the music - When I Rule the World by LIZ - could be judged to be a little fey and cheerful, but the advert covers all the basics of what the two new handsets will be most used for. And it's interesting, we think. Almost in an Apple way.

But what do you think?

Watch the new advert below and let us know whether it makes you smile or scream in the comments below. Or do you prefer the Rita Ora Wireless Charging ad doing the rounds on UK TV screens instead? We've embedded that below too.