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(Pocket-lint) - If you've seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie you'll probably have noticed plenty of Samsung Galaxy S6 placements. That partnership with Marvel has gone even further with an Iron Man special edition Galaxy S6 edge, due soon.

The tease of an Iron Man S6 was released by Samsung a while back, followed by some impressive mock-up images. Now an official tease has been released and it appears the handset will be the Galaxy S6 edge variant that gets the Marvel make-over.

The teased image, watermarked Marvel and tweeted by Samsung, shows a red box with Iron Man's golden face. It reads: "Samsung Galaxy S6 edge" on the box. The message on the tweet simply said: "Coming Soon (*Detailed availability in markets may differ by region)".

The interesting part here is the mention of different regions. We expected this special edition to be very limited and perhaps to only appear in Asian markets. The multi-region mention suggests we could see the Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge appear in countries all over the world.

Here's hoping that "soon" means later this month. There was no mention of any other Avengers characters getting a special edition but we're not giving up hope yet.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.