The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are barely out the door and already rumours of an S6 variant, plus the Galaxy Note 5, have begun.

First there's the Galaxy S6 variant. This cropped up in an IMEI database and was spotted by SamMobile which claims the SM-G928S name refers to the new S6. This makes sense as the current S6 is coded SM-G920. What the variation will be on this new model is unclear but historically Samsung tends to release a waterproof, tough version of its handsets at a later date.

The second handset to appear in the IMEI database was thought to be the Galaxy Note 5. This was under the code name SM-N920F which is indeed similar to the current Galaxy Note 4 that goes by SM-N910.

According to the source the new Galaxy S6 variant is known as Project Zen while the Galaxy Note 5 code is apparently Project Noble.

No other details have leaked on the Galaxy Note 5 with these numbers. The last few Galaxy Note handsets have been unveiled around early September so we'd expect the same to happen for the Note 5. They've also generally been shown off with an accompanying smartwatch in recent times, so we'd expect the rumoured round Gear smartwatch to appear then also.

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