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(Pocket-lint) - The next James Bond film may feature a Sony Xperia Z4, but only because James Bond actor Daniel Craig is getting paid to pretend he likes it.

According to leaked Sony emails found on Wikileaks, both Bond actor Daniel Craig and Spectre director Sam Mendes aren't fans of the Sony Xperia Z4. They are recorded as saying they would prefer to use the best phone on the market and have had an offer from Samsung.

The email reads: "Beyond the $$ factor, there is, as you may know, a creative factor whereby Sam and Daniel don’t like the Sony phone for the film (the thinking, subjectively/objectively is that James Bond only uses the 'best', and in their minds, the Sony phone is not the 'best')."

Another leaked email showed that Sony had offered Daniel Craig a personal fee of $5 million do use the Sony Xperia Z4. Also mentioned is a "May/November" date suggesting, as expected, there will be a follow-up to Sony's Japan release of the Z4 recently. This is thought to be the Sony Xperia Z3 Neo.

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Since the email leaks stopped a while back there was no conclusion on which manufacturer got the deal. Samsung was reportedly offering $50 million in total compared to Sony's $28 million.

So will James Bond be sporting a Sony Xperia Z4 or a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge? We'll have to wait until Spectre is released on 6 November to find out. But either way we know which one Bond prefers.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 24 April 2015.