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(Pocket-lint) - If you were thinking about splashing out on a new Samsung Galaxy S6, you may want to go for the 64GB option over 32GB. Samsung has filled the handset, so the free space left is pretty far off 32GB.

Previously Samsung offered microSD expansion on its flagship handsets so storage space wasn't much of an issue. But now that the Galaxy S6 features that lovely metal unibody all slathered in glass there's no room for microSD expansion. That means the space you get is limited, discounting cloud storage of course.

So how much space does the 32GB Galaxy S6 actually offer? Just 23GB of storage. We say just as if that's not a lot, it is a fair amount. But when you're shelling out for 32GB and getting 9GB less that's pretty harsh.

The HTC One M9 also offers around the 23GB mark on its 32GB model suggesting Android Lollipop does take a lot of the blame.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is £575 SIM-free for the 32GB model. If you want that extra storage the jump to 64GB will cost you an extra £55 as that's priced at £630.

With Amazon announcing unlimited storage on its cloud platform for $60 which is about £40 there are alternatives. While this is a cheaper option it means you'll need to have an unlimited data connection or be on Wi-Fi to be sure you can access all your files all the time.

So does this affect your choice? Or is 23GB more than enough to keep you going?

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Writing by Luke Edwards.