Mobile World Congress has officially begun. Sort of.

Many of the biggest tech companies are in Spain, gearing up to unveil new smartphones and devices. Samsung, for instance, has already garnered a shocking amount of coverage for whatever it plans to release. Word on the street is pointing to a new flagship called Samsung Galaxy S6 as well as a slightly different phone called Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

To ensure that all eyes are on Samsung, the South Korean-based company has set up a YouTube live-stream page for its Unpacked event scheduled for 1 March (one day before MWC technically starts). The page currently features a countdown timer, which is tracking the remaining time until everything kicks off at 12:30 pm EST. Simply follow along if you wish.

Check out Pocket-lint's MWC 2015 hub for more of the latest news from the conference. We've also posted HTC's live stream, as it is announcing a new flagship on Sunday too.

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