(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has been steadily supplying teaser photos and videos of what's thought to be its next Galaxy S6 smartphone. Samsung Norway, which apparently didn't get the memo, has released its own Next Galaxy teasers which may have been better timed on 1 April.

While the all glass phone that has been shown off in the latest tease is clearly an attention grabbing joke, it could allude to truth. Perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be totally encased in glass over its unibody metal frame. Of course it could simply be a joke to attract more attention ahead of MWC next week.

This isn't the first joke teaser from Samsung Norway which has also released images that suggest forward facing speakers, a larger screen, tougher durability and a three-sided display that goes over the edges.

Take these with a pinch of salt or as blatant nods to what we can expect. At this stage the release is so near we'll know within days anyway. Check out our Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser feature to see how these teases compare to the others from Samsung head office.

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Check back on Sunday 1 March for our coverage live from MWC at the release of The Next Galaxy.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.