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(Pocket-lint) - We've been examining teaser videos and pictures carefully for the slightest glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S6 ahead of its official unveiling at Mobile World Congress on Sunday 1 March and T-Mobile USA  and AT&T come along and blow the lid right off.

The US networks have both posted their pre-registration pages for the new phone already, with similar lead images that pretty much show off the device ahead of its official launch. They are by far the clearest "official" images of the Galaxy S6 we've seen yet and considering the two of them have done it at similar times, it looks like these latest teasers were planned.

Earlier today, when only T-Mobile's version had appeared, we suspected that Samsung's official renders had been used ahead of the Unpacked event this Sunday - and not with the company's permission. However, two "leaks" like this would be quite a coincidence, so we can only presume that the pictures have been posted with Samsung's blessing.

What is strange is that Samsung Mobile's Twitter account suggested that the video it posted on 21 February would be the last teaser before the press event. That is now seemingly not the case.

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T-Mobile USA six appeal is a thing samsung galaxy s6 early reveal seems to be official image 2
AT&T six appeal is a thing samsung galaxy s6 early reveal seems to be official image 5

Perhaps the most interesting thing to be gleaned from the device shown in each picture is that the main version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have the wrap around screen. There might not be two handsets after all, with the edge design being the default.

We're not sure about the "Six Appeal" tagline though. In the UK, maybe "The Only Way is S6" will be employed.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.